Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Our Vertical Blinds are one of the best window covering options available. They are practical with a massive range of different options to allow light and privacy control. You can tilt the louvres to balance the amount of light coming into your space, or angle them to allow light while still maintaining your privacy. You can also sweep the blinds to the side, neatly and easily, to give full and clear views from your window.

Vertical blinds consist of rows of louvres that hang downwards from the rail, in contrast to venetian blinds where the slats run horizontal. They are perfect for a huge range of different window styles, but look particularly effective on large windows that run floor to ceiling. Elegant and effective in design, vertical blinds provide everything you could want from a window cover.

Bespoke and Made to Measure Blinds

All our vertical blinds are made to measure so they fit your windows perfectly. They are available in louvres of 89 or 127mm widths. We strive to please our customers at every turn, so unless you’re 100% happy, we’re not either. It means that every one of our blinds are made with excellence and to your specifications. You get the best blind every time.


  1. Versatility: –Verrtical blinds attract people mainly because of their effortless functionality and versatility. These blinds come in various colors, patterns, and styles; giving you plenty of options to pick from to improve the aesthetic appeal of your living area. Just make sure that you consider your interior before picking the right shade of blinds for those windows.
  2. Affordability: –Yes, top-down blinds are pocket-friendly, in contrast to the other variants of blinds. These blinds can fit any budget as they are available in a vast range of prices.
  3. Huge Variety to pick from: –Vertical blinds are available in a vast range of materials that you can select from, considering your décor and preferences. While fabric vertical blinds bring a subtle look to your space, vinyl blinds offer durability. You can also pick blinds with faux wood material if you intend to add a touch of elegance.
  4. High degree of Privacy: –The functionality of these top-down blinds is such that they allow just the amount of light you want in the room, without compromising with your privacy.
  5. Hassle-free Maintenance: –The vertical blinds are not a disappointment when it comes to maintenance. They need not be removed for cleaning purposes. You can simply wipe these blinds with a damp cloth, and they will be as good as new!
  6. Energy efficiency: –If you are looking forward to saving money and energy, then top-down blinds are just an ideal choice. These window blinds act as insulators that allow you to control the heat entering the room through your windows. Irrespective of the season, these window blinds can customize the heat entering your room by nearly 45 percent, allowing you to control it as per your needs.
  7. Light control: –Not only can you control the heat entering from your windows, but you can also manage the amount of light entering through those vertical blinds. These blinds offer a functional system that allows light to enter partially or fully, thus aligning with your needs.
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