Day & Night Blinds

Day & Night Blinds

Day & Night blinds combine opaque and translucent horizontal stripes. These can be altered and dimmed to provide you more or less privacy depending on your mood. They’re perfect for adding style and elegance to any room of the home. With a wide variety of day & Night shades, you’ll find something to suit your home in our range of Day & Night roller blinds.

Our Day & Night blinds are UK, manufactured and made from the highest quality materials for durability and excellence.

We manufacture our roller blinds to have sufficient drop to cover the aluminium tubing at the top.  This ensures that when rolled down, you will not see the tube.

Made to Measure Day & Night Blinds

Make your windows stand out with the Capri Vision Paradise Scarlet Blind. The inspired striped design in a cheerful shade of Black & White enables you to make the most of natural light whilst enjoying enhanced privacy, ideal for enhancing the look and feel of street facing rooms and adding personality to your space.

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